Arnholdt can look back on 100 years of business activity and experience, with roots going back as far as 1906. Otto Arnholdt, to whom the company owes its name, laid the foundations for the present-day Gelsenkirchen-based company.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Arnholdt was established as the umbrella brand for the German group companies, which had previously been operating independently of each other. 1993 saw the establishment of Arnholdt Holding GmbH following the inclusion of further shareholders. This cleared all the obstacles to continued expansion both nationally and internationally.

Up until mid 2003, the European-wide group was managed by Arnholdt Holding GmbH. Since October 2003, the arnholdt group has belonged to the Bilfinger Group. The company was renamed Bilfinger arnholdt GmbH in February 2013.