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Industrial scaffolding must meet demanding requirements: Scaffolding must be made available, with major turnarounds posing logistic challenges. With around 780 scaffolding assemblers and
some 62,000 cubic metres of scaffolding material at its disposal, Arnholdt has the flexibility needed to come to terms with even the most daunting challenge.

Our staff go in and out the door at numerous national and international industrial sites on an almost daily basis, holding responsibility for satisfying the specific requirements of entire mission-critical areas. The expertise which has been amassed is ploughed back into the Company’s business processes via the Integrated Management System (IMS), which forms the basis for the reliable, swift and secure provision of all services in accordance with international safety regulations (see SCC certificate, ISO certificate).

The scaffolding technology to be employed is determined in close collaboration with the plant and construction managers. This is quality which is borne out by our SCC/SGU certification.

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