Individual solutions from the outset

Each scaffolding project poses its own unique challenges. Specialty scaffolding combines standardised components with specific constructions. Our solutions based on many years of experience and permanent ongoing development. As an example, the bridge rehabilitation mentioned here. The many different bridge constructions for road, rail or waterway crossing always require individual engineering scaffolding.

Special care is required when dealing with hazardous substances such as asbestos. A dustproof tarpaulin and depression inside the enclosure, which tailored to the framework construction, guarantee that no asbestos dust penetrates to the outside.

Regardless of wind and weather, construction sites often considered temporarily. Sturdy aluminum profile sheets placed on a scaffold to protect against rain, snow and wind. If desired, the roof can also be moved electrically (rail construction) so that both assembly and cost advantages can result. Bulky materials can also lifted during the construction work through the open roof. The calculation of all wind forces, precise scaffolding and reliable sealing of the transition areas characterize the reliability of Bilfinger arnholdt.

Supported by state-of-the-art software, Bilfinger arnholdt's technicians calculate the structure and material requirements of work, safety, suspension and mobile scaffolds in accordance with all the rules of technology, thus also realize extraordinary customer inquiries.

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